Equine Ringworm:

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Ringworm ( dermatophytosis , dermatomycoses )

One of the most common skin diseases in horses is rongworm ( dermatomycoses ) . Ringworm is an infectious diseases caused by a dermatophyte ( a type of fungi ) that affects the upper layers of the epidermis , the hairs , hair follicules , and adnexa .
Clinical features can vary from a mild descamative dermatitis , sometimes with papules ( similar to an urticaria ) , to a more severe disease with crusts and alopecic areas , depending on the fungi involved .
Porper diagnosis is made uppon culture of skin , scales , hair , dander . Once identified , fungi can be treated topically ( shampoo , cream , lotion , etc.) , or systemically ( pills or injectables ) in more severe cases . It is very important to treat the environment and prevent further infection of other animals or humans .
The use of an antimycotic or antiseptic shampoo , or one with mild keratolytic or antiseborreic action , can lead to a prompt healing of lesions , helping the natural process that ( in general ) does to require systemical medication .
Either way , treatment should only be implemented by a licensed veterinarian , for most of the products can be harmful if used without prescription . Somes cases need the use of systemic antimycotis , which should be prescribed by the practicioner .
Ringworm is a skin disease that does not produce itch ( pruritus ) in the vast majority of cases . It may begin in some areas that contact harnesses or axilar/groin areas , and can progress to the entire coat , giving it a moth-eaten appearance .
Dermatophytes ( fungi ) are infectious agents that resist environmental conditions , and can be found on hair , skin , including those of apparently sound animals , and also can be recovered from bedding , premises , soil , harnesses , and those elements used in grooming ( specially if shared with other horses ) .
Ringworm can pass to other animals and to humans .

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