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Pocket Pets:
Rabbits, mice and other pocket pets


The presence of some signs of skin disease in these pets might be underlooked , and sometimes mistaken for normal grooming habits .
The most frecquent skin diseases in these pets might include parasitic and nutritional disorders . There are other skin problems though , but they are less frecquently reported .
All these pets might suffer from allergies , which should be correctly addressed and treated . The use of dog or cat generics , as well as human drugs should be striclty discouraged , because many of these drugs might result in toxicity or even cause death . Prescriptions should only be made by veterinarians .
When you attend the veterinary practice , it is expected that you bring your pet together with the cage or box where it usually lives . Don´t change the bedding or food , and bring its toys or decorations . Remember to report the presensce or cohabitation with other animals from the same or other specias , and the occurrence of skin symptoms in their human counterparts . All these can help in determining the cause of a disease .

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Skin cancer in pocket pets

All the above mentioned species can also suffer from different skin tumors , including lymphoma . Diagnosis and treatment of tumors and skin cancer is done following the same principles of general practice in veterinary medicine .

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